Data Science for Geoscience

Currently, exploring for new opportunities in mining and exploring hydrocarbons have been made easy using Data Science: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL).

AI/ML has proven to be more robust and cost-effective in identifying untested oil shows, using predictive data models to discover patterns based on a variety of inputs. Incorporating AI/ML to interpreting your legacy or new data, will uncover new oil and gas prospects and enable more production from your existing infrastructures. AI/ML also helps in mineral resource lithology mapping with high level of accuracy.

Gcube-IsL deploys geology/geophysics domain knowledge with AI/ML expertise in helping her clients in discovering new exploration opportunities and by-passed oil.

With Data Science - AI/ML, we can extract information and gain deep insight from your data. Gcube-IsL does the following:

  • Exploratory data analysis visualisation to provide critical insight to accelerate business decision cycles more accurately
  • Leverage on ML to scan well logs for overlooked pay
  • Learn action sequences of reservoirs and predict outcome of oil drilling techniques in a non-expensive simulation
  • Predict the production life span of a reservoir
  • Forecast oil pricing
  • Discover patterns based on variety of inputs in seismic interpretation
  • Transform analogue data to digital catalogue for easy access, management, and store 

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