GeoPressure & Geomechanics

  • 1D/3D Pore Pressure/Fracture Pressure Prediction for rig selection, optimum mudweight design and well planning1D Mechanical Earth Modelling and Wellbore Stability Analysis (e.g., Along a challenging designed Wellbore) for assessment and recommendation of safe mud-weight window
  • 3D (Full Field) and 4D (including production monitoring) geomechanical modelling & geological sequestration
  • Evaluation of geomechanical outputs to improve wellbore operational safety
  • Evaluation of in-situ state of stress and rock strength parameters around wellbore especially, for gas injection, storage & production purposes
  • Real-time Pore Pressure Monitoring: Gcube-IsL specialises in building accurate pre-drill PP/FG profiles and geomechanics models update to minimise uncertainty; avoid the risk of blowout, prevent wellbore collapse, stuck pipe problems, etc. that may lead to loss of millions of dollars from NPT.

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